Robert Calloway - Fluid Artist Spotlight

I met Robert Calloway when we both had a booth at Austin's RAW show. We were both just starting our art businesses, it wasn't that long ago, but his business has grown so much since then. And it's been a lot of fun to witness! What I love about his Instagram account is that it never gets repetitive. He is always interested in discovering what's next and falling head first down a rabbit hole.

To learn more about the work of Robert Calloway visit his website or his Instagram @callowaystudios

What drew you to fluid art in the beginning?

I loved the whimsical and organic forms of how the paint glided into each other.

What type(s) of fluid art do you prefer (ie. acrylic pours, alcohol inks, etc....)

I love alcohol ink and resin

What is your process like?

I take inspiration from my own photography, and then take the colors from my concept and create an abstract version from my ideas.

How has fluid art affected you?

It has taught me about patience and to love every piece even if it was done on accident.

What are some of your favorite fluid art products? I use a TON of art resin! And lots of golden fluid acrylics and piñata alcohol inks.

Do you have any tips for beginners?

Have a table that you are ok to get ruined, because fluid art is a very messy process. Try everything out on a small scale before doing a medium or large project. Gives you an idea and practice of how to execute your process.

What have been your frustrations with fluid art?

Sometimes your concept does not go exactly to plan. Colors may blend in different ways then you had wanted or your concept kinda bled off the canvas. Even tho it can be frustrating, accept it and never give up. Most times even bad concepts can still turn out beautiful in their own way.

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