Misty Paul - Fluid Artist Spotlight

Misty Paul is an amazing fluid artist. Her heart is in it for all the mediums, she doesn't play favorites! Also though, she is a terrific example of how the fluid artist community comes together to help each other out. She is always down to talk shop and she is always uplifting and giving positive feedback to other artists. She has a permanent place in my fluid art heart.

If you would like to learn more about her work:

Click here for her Etsy shop.

Click here for her Instagram account.

What drew you to fluid art in the beginning?

In 2016, I visited a high end home decor store in Old Town Spring, TX. They had some large fluid acrylic artwork on glass. The artwork caught my eye and I had to figure out how to make this beautiful art form!

What type(s) of fluid art do you prefer (ie. acrylic pours, alcohol inks, etc....)

I love to try it all! I love trying out all the different techniques of acrylic pouring. My focus has been on resin art lately.

What is your process like?

I usually get inspired by nature or a color palette. Sometimes it is the substrate that inspires which type of fluid art and technique I'd like to use to achieve a certain look.

How has fluid art affected you?

Fluid art is definitely my passion! What started as a hobby, turned into a small business!

What are some of your favorite fluid art products?

Frog tape is a must for all fluid art! Makes great clean edges. Flood Floetrol is my favorite pouring medium. Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV is the best resin I've worked with. It is so clear and cures hard!

Do you have any tips for beginners?

Watch a few YouTube videos for some guidance but you will learn the most just by experimenting!

What have been your frustrations with fluid art?

The drying time on an acrylic pour can take days sometimes and that can be frustrating if you are trying to meet a deadline. If you deal with resin, dust is probably the most frustrating part. Both picking dust out while the resin is wet and/or uncovering your cured piece to find dust has cured into the surface.

Thanks again to Ms. Paul for taking time to share with all of us this little bit of her fluid art journey!

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