Fluid Artist Spotlight - Annie Jacobson

Annie has a light and brightness inside of her that shines through her artwork. Her personal compassion and kindness is nearly palpable in the energy of her pieces. That is because she pours part of her soul out into every piece she creates. Fluid art can already give you the feeling of calmness and zen but Annie has stepped that up to some next level peacefulness.

Click below to learn more about Annie's artwork:

website: https://society6.com/annieland

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/art.in.annieland/

What drew you to fluid art in the beginning?

It was actually presented to me by a friend who wanted to experiment with it for an art installation I was doing for her. And It was LOVE AT FIRST DROP!

What type(s) of fluid art do you prefer (ie. acrylic pours, alcohol inks, etc....)

Alcohol ink

What is your process like?

For commissions, I ask my customer what size and color scheme and if they have anything they want me to draw inspiration from. Like a song, a poem, etc... if nothing is offered, I put on an album (usually electronic or melancholy) and start mindlessly pouring ink until I get in my flow (no pun intended).

How has fluid art affected you?

Ink has made me feel less like a control freak. You have to let it move how it wants and dry how it wants. Abstract art has been very therapeutic to me - no pressure for the outcome to look a certain way. It has completely changed my outlook on my talent, creativity, and worthiness as an artist. Because it’s such a forgiving medium, I know I can always start over if I’m not happy with the outcome. We don’t always get those chances in art and life. I wish I could pour iso alcohol on anything and start over ;). I can articulate how life changing it has been for my mental health, but I’d run out of space. Haha

What are some of your favorite fluid art products?

Ampersand gessoed boards have more grip than yupo but still allow for a ton of movement. They are also a local, Austin brand! Brea Reese and Ranger Inks are my favorite pigments.

Do you have any tips for beginners?

Dilute your inks with a lot of alcohol so you don’t waste the precious ink when you’re figuring it all out! Use lots of tools - hairdryer, heat guns, brushes, your fingers, etc... play with the texture until you figure out what you love best. Everyone does something different. Enjoy the versatility!

What have been your frustrations with fluid art?

Editing myself has been difficult. I enjoy playing with the inks so much that sometimes (every time) I go overboard with how much I add to the piece. I don’t have any major frustrations with it!

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