Frequently asked questions

Do you make commissions?

Yes! Step 1. Send me a message including your preferred sizes and color palette. Step 2. I'll ask you to put down a $50 deposit (goes towards your total) and sign an agreement (for the benefit of both of us). Step 3. I'll send you a photo of your painting. If you don't like it, I'll remake it one time. Step 4. After it is fully dried (about 3-5 days) then fully cured (about 3 weeks) I'll ship your finished to you. Step 5. Happiness!

How much do commissions cost?

8x10 = $60 11x14 = $90 16x20 = $150 18x24 = $175 24x36 = $240 36x48 = $575 Feel free to inquire about larger or smaller sizes.

What form of payment do you accept?

As payment, I mainly accept credit card. At markets, I'm happy to also accept cash. In special cases, I'll barter. Do you have anything interesting to trade? Are you a licensed therapist or tattoo artist? Do you collect cool stuff and are willing to trade some? Did your cat just have kittens and you need to find a good home for them? Let me know if you would like to arrange a trade. I do not accept cattle, goats or chickens.